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The Social Network All In One

What's Infomycity?
Infomycity is the socia) network ALL In One. A unique application and web, from where you can do and have everything you want.
Infomycity has the main goal of getting people out from home to get to know each other and interact with the locai community, attend busi-ness, meet newfriends and groups. From the piace where you are, you will get all informations about touristic places , events and all the info related. We have invented an innovative SOCIAL WEB LEVEL method from which all users can be useful to the loca) community and receive a profit. Infomycity was founded in 2012 in the Sofhia-Antio-polis area, what is called the French Silicon Valley. We are European and here we want to stay and grow.
Infomycity consists in differe-nts modules: restaurants and bars, announcement boards, nightlife, museums and cine-mas, emergencies and help, events, friends searching, fa-shion and wellness.
ALL RELATED TO THE AREA WHERE YOU ARE. Amongs the first applications in process of developpment are infomydisco and infomylove and they will be  release  within  July  2019

What's Infomylove?
With Infomylove you can have a look who likes you around you, by geotagging yourself.
If you like each other with the other person, you will see the position and the profile one other and you can start to chat and exchange photos.
You also can find nightclubs around you and the informa-tion about it. You can easily start a chat with the clubs too.
Infomylove provides maxi-mum privacy to you and with the Ghost profile you have zero risk.
The world is full with friends and love, they are just waiting for you!

What's Infomydisco
Infomydisco is a free and unregistered application that lets you find all the rooms dedicated to nightlife and sorted by types all over the world.

Find out or look for your night life: navigate on the map, search directly or through our "AROUND ME" than sorts your results close by or in alpha-betical order from all your location.

Thanks to Infomydisco you can find the place where you can enjoy in the whole world: discos, Latin American venues, night clubs, popular music and cocktails bar.
With Infomylove and Infomy-disco, you have two powerfull tools that will allow you to performe the best research to find  what you are looking for. You can you both together or separetely.
View all the informations on the website, make your re-servation  or ask for informa-tions through chat.

INFOMYCITY S.A.S. - 4 Rue Des Freres Piccò c/o CB Services - 06500 Menton FRANCE
N.Siret: 75202079200012 Tva: FR 13752020792 - Email:

  2012 Infomycity - Infomylove - Infomydisco ALL TRADE MARK AND SOFTWARE ARE REGISTERED
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